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Co. La Puntual

Pinocchio's shadow

From 15 to 24 February
At the end of the classic tale Pinocchio becomes a real boy, and like all children he grows up, now he is 30 years old puppeteer. From his marionette workshop he tells his story through shadow puppets...
Recommended age: +3 anys I Language: Català
Co. La Puntual with Glòria Arrufat


From 01 to 24 March
Patufet is a very, very small boy. So small that he sleeps in a tin of sardines and hides under a cabbage leaf. So small that his parents are afraid that if he goes out into the street, people will no...
Recommended age: +2 years old I Language: Catalan
Co. La Petita Brownie

Vivaldi, the Lobster and the Ant

From 29 to 31 March
This is the story of Gala, a singing lobster who doesn't like to work! Her friend Miga, an ant, the bee Bella and Serafí the mouse will help Gala discover that it is possible to sing and work at the s...
Recommended age: +2 years old I Language: Català
La Puntual


From 05 to 07 April
Un espectacle de titelles inspirat en la tradició popular europea que durant segles s'ha representat en carrers, places, parcs i petits teatres, tant per a públic jove com per a adults. Com el propi t...
Recommended age: +3 anys I Language: Català, amb poc text
Co. La Puntual

Sant Jordi, la princesa i el drac

From 12 to 28 April
The story of how Saint George, patron saint of Catalonia, Greece, England and other countries, saves a kingdom from the spell of a wicked witch by slaying the dragon  just when he is about to eat the ...
Recommended age: +3 anys I Language: Català
Tian Gombau

Stone by stone

From 10 to 19 May
I was once walking barefoot on the beach when I suddenly realized there are so many stones on earth. Now I have started to classify them and keep them as a precious treasure. If you look at what’s ins...
Recommended age: +2 years old I Language: Catalan
La Puntual

Greta the Mouse... that swept the staircase.

From May 24 to June 09
Greta ia a mouse, and a great artist; she juggles, swings from the trapeze, walks the tightrope and... sweeps the theatre. While passing the broom under the stage one night after the show, she finds a...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: (Cat) Català
La Puntual

Pipa, el titella meravella

From 14 to 23 June
A puppet show by Nestor Navarro. A new puppet arrives at La Puntual to surprise and ticle the whole family. His name is Pipa, from Barcelona, but, because he has travelled widely he´s a bit from every...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: Without text


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