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Co. La Puntual

Pinocchio's shadow

From November 22 to December 08
At the end of the classic tale Pinocchio becomes a real boy, and like all children he grows up, now he is 30 years old puppeteer. From his marionette workshop he tells his story through shadow puppets...
Recommended age: +3 anys I Language: Català
La Puntual

Greta the Mouse... that swept the staircase.

From 13 to 30 December
Greta ia a mouse, and a great artist; she juggles, swings from the trapeze, walks the tightrope and... sweeps the theatre. While passing the broom under the stage one night after the show, she finds a...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: (Cat) Català
Pea Green Boat Company


From 02 to 05 January
Gwendolyn, the gnome, and Matilda, the bird, are two friends. They decide to build a house to live in. But sharing a house is not easy. Matilda is irritated by her noisy neighbour and Gwendolyn doesn´...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: Catalan
La Carreta

Fabulària: El Gall Kikirigall

From 10 to 12 January
"Pay attention to this wondering minstrel who has more than one thousand stories to tell. Troubadour, poet, singer, storyteller and teller of stories in verse." Thus begins FABULARIA, an agile and par...
Recommended age: + 3 years I Language: Catalan
Binixiflat Titelles

The Golden Fish

From 17 to 25 January
The Golden Fish is an adapted Russian tale adapted to puppetry theatre. Its a cyclical folk story where the main character repeats a magical formula with different results each time.It tells the s...
Recommended age:
L'Estenedor Teatre

Travel the world

From January 31 to February 02
Lau is a tireless traveller who, after roving through most countries of the world, needs to find new lands to discover. With the help of his old mother and his great grandfather’s travel journal, he f...
Recommended age: + 3 years I Language: Catalan
Los tirititeros de Binéfar

In the wolf's mouth

From 07 to 09 February
Popular theatre with live music. This production uses masks and puppets, different types of puppets, songs, stories, all stitched and molded together to present popular culture through the old proffe...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: Spanish
Micro Troupe


From 14 to 16 February
The Countess de Dia, a gentle and beautiful woman, was the wife of Guillem de Poitiers. She fell in love with Rimbaud d'Orange to whom she dedicated many beautiful love songs. This is the biography of...
Recommended age: + 3 years I Language: Catalan
La Puntual


From 21 to 23 February
Un espectacle de titelles inspirat en la tradició popular europea que durant segles s'ha representat en carrers, places, parcs i petits teatres, tant per a públic jove com per a adults. Com el propi t...
Recommended age: +3 anys I Language: Catalan, only with a few text


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