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Glòria Arrufat

The blue wicked

From 14 to 16 December
Legend says that Scotland was formed thanks to the Blue Witch and her sisters. they made mountains and lakes. Cailleach, the Blue Witch, wants to perpetuate winter and cold. Bride, a very clever young...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: Catalan
World Premiere
World Premiere
La Puntual

Malic in China

From 21 to 31 December
Only in ancient China are Dragons known to rescue young orphans. One of these is Li, who, thanks to the upbringing of a powerful and magical Dragon becomes the most beautiful girl of the far east, and...
Recommended age: +3 year old I Language: Catalan
(Cat) Jordi Bertran


From 02 to 04 January
Jordi Bertran, known internationally as one of the master marionette puppeteers, presents a show in seven musical and theatre scenes where movement, suggestive details and natural ges...
Recommended age: (Cat) Familiar I Language: (Cat) Català
La Puntual

Pipa, el titella meravella

From 11 to 20 January
A puppet show by Nestor Navarro. A new puppet arrives at La Puntual to surprise and ticle the whole family. His name is Pipa, from Barcelona, but, because he has travelled widely he´s a bit from every...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: Without text
La Canela (Andalucía)

La semilla

From 25 to 27 January
What would happen if we were a seed planted and not watered? What if they water us too much? What if, with love, they water us just what is necessary? "La semilla" speaks of the importance of growing ...
Recommended age: +5 years old I Language: No text
Théâtre Pas Sage


From 01 to 03 February

Here he is, well before Guignol, the emblematic figure of the puppet in Europe.

This charlatan, always adored in England under the name o...

Recommended age: +3 I Language: French
La Puntual

Pinocchio's shadow

From 15 to 24 February
At the end of the classic tale Pinocchio becomes a real boy, and like all children he grows up, now he is 30 years old puppeteer. From his marionette workshop he tells his story through shadow puppets...
Recommended age: +3 anys I Language: Català


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