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La Puntual

Pinocchio's shadow

From 16 to 25 February
At the end of the classic tale Pinocchio becomes a real boy, and like all children he grows up, now he is 30 years old puppeteer. From his marionette workshop he tells his story through shadow puppets...
Recommended age: +3 anys I Language: Català
La Puntual Company with Glòria Arrufat


From 02 to 18 March
Patufet is very very small. So small that he sleeps in tin of sardines and can hide behind a cabbage. So tiny that his parents are afraid that he will go out into the streets and be squashed under som...
Recommended age: +2 years old I Language: Català
La Puntual

To Babel on skateboard

From 23 to 25 March
There is a rumour in Babel, " Laughing is bad for your health!". The people not only believe this to be true, they also think that it is contagious! Bilal and Marina will do everything they can to bri...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: Catalan
Periferia Teatro


From March 30 to April 08
For centuries, man and dog have shared experiences and have evolved together. They have adapted to complex situations and changes. "Footprints" is an amusing look on this special relationship between ...
Recommended age: +4 years old I Language: Català
La Puntual

Sant Jordi, la princesa i el drac

From 13 to 29 April
A recreation with puppets of the legend of how Saint George solves the problems of a small kingdom by slaying the wicked Dragon.
Recommended age: 3+
Pea Green Boat Company


From 25 to 27 May
Gwendolyn, the gnome, and Matilda, the bird, are two friends. They decide to build a house to live in. But sharing a house is not easy. Matilda is irritated by her noisy neighbour and Gwendolyn doesn´...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: Catalan


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