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La Puntual

Sant Jordi, la princesa i el drac

From 13 to 29 April
The story of how Saint George, patron saint of Catalonia, Greece, England and other countries, saves a kingdom from the spell of a wicked witch by slaying the dragon  just when he is about to eat the ...
Recommended age: +3 anys I Language: Català
La Petita Brownie

Vivaldi. The Lobster and the Ant

From 01 to 06 May
This is the story of Gala, a singing lobster who doesn't like to work! Her friend Miga, an ant, the bee Bella and Serafí the mouse will help Gala discover that it is possible to sing and work at the s...
Recommended age: +2 years old I Language: Català

Matito and the huge Ferris Wheel.

From 11 to 13 May
Matito is happy lying under an olive tree. He feels happy, for two reasons: because he can just laze around and because today he will declare his love to the girl he loves. However, happiness is not e...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: Catalan
El Chonchón

The Comedians of the 1900s

From 18 to 20 May
'The Comedians of the 1900s” is a tribute from El Chonchón to the great comedians of the silent movies. Performed with glove puppets, Charles Chaplin and the Boy...
Recommended age: + 3 anys I Language: Spanish
Pea Green Boat Company


From 25 to 27 May
Gwendolyn, the gnome, and Matilda, the bird, are two friends. They decide to build a house to live in. But sharing a house is not easy. Matilda is irritated by her noisy neighbour and Gwendolyn doesn´...
Recommended age: +3 years old I Language: Catalan
La Puntual

Malic in China

From 01 to 17 June
Only in ancient China are Dragons known to rescue young orphans. One of these is Li, who thanks to the upbringing of a powerful and magical Dragon becomes the most beautiful girl of the far east, and ...
Recommended age: +3 year old I Language: Català
Javier Aranda (Zaragoza)


From 05 to 08 July
Objects made with hands have their own personality, hands as part of a being, as leading players, as special beings that create movement, emotion and life. A drifting basket, a journey… New life begin...
Recommended age: +5 years old I Language: Without text


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