El Retablo (El Escorial)


From June 28 to June 30
(Cat) Companyia premiada als festivals de titelles més importants del món.
Animals is a puppet show for children between 3 and 6 years of age, without words. The puppeteer makes up stories about animals using puppets, animated objects, marionnettes made up of recycled materials and other everyday objects. Scenes full of humour, poetry and emotions; carried out by simple means, full of imagination, just like Noha´s Arc, full of all the animals of creation. This show is an enchanting feast for children. Buy your tickets here.

Show information

Language: No text
Duration: 50 minuts
Recommended Age: +3 years old
Technique: Table puppets


Friday at 6pm.
Saturday at 12pm and at 6pm.
Sunday at 12pm and at 5pm.

Artistic credits

Author: Pablo Vergne Puppeteer: Pablo Vergne Assistant: Eva Soriano Light and sound: Ricardo Vergne Objects and puppets: Pablo Vergne Assistant director: Carlos Piñero Directed by: El Retablo