(Cat) Cia. Jordi Bertran


From 02 to 04 January
(Cat) Teatre de titelles

Jordi Bertran, known internationally as one of the master marionette puppeteers, presents a show in seven musical and theatre scenes where movement, suggestive details and natural gestures produce a hypnotic magnetism that will captivate the viewer.

Anthology, Jordi Bertran’s debut work, was released in 1987 and continues to form part of his repertoire to the present, visiting stages across the five continents for over twenty years.

Structured along the lines of a cabaret, Anthology’s scenes unfold in an elaborate sequence, combining the rhythm of the show with the emotional development of each one of the characters recreated by the puppeteer, who –through the puppet strings- brings to life well-known and imaginary characters, anonymous characters inspired by the circus, theatre or cultural world.

Show information

Language: (Cat) Català
Duration: (Cat) 60
Recommended Age: (Cat) Familiar
Technique: (Cat) Titelles de fil


(Cat) Dimecres, dijous i divendres a les 12h i a les 17h.

Artistic credits

(Cat) Autor, productor, director: Jordi Bertran
Creació de marionetes: Jordi Bertran
Titellaire: Jordi Bertran
Operadora de llums i so: Paulette San Martín
Disseny de vestuari: Ma. Dolors Fernández
Fotografia: Areli Alarcón H.
Producció: Companyia Jordi Bertran
Direcció artística: Jordi Bertran