Théâtre MU

Bidouille Ex Machina

From February 28 to March 01

A very clever little pirate uses the machines behind his huge workbench. One day, a beautiful creature enters his workshop because she needs something to be repaired. She instantly falls in love and offers to return the next day, but does not dare to accompany her to the door. When he steps out of his workbench, he reveals his silhouette on wheels, without legs. To please her, he decides to focus his research on building mechanical legs.

By mixing object and actor theatre, puppets and robots, Théâtre MU questions the place of people with disabilities in our society, our perspective on them and the concepts of metamorphosis, solitude and acceptance.

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Show information

Language: Without words
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended Age: + 3 years old
Technique: Objects


Friday at 6pm.
Saturday at 12pm and 6pm.
Sunday at 12pm and 5pm.

Artistic credits

Direction and set design: Ivan Pommet
Actors and manipulators: Agnès Bonnissolet and Ivan Pommet
Music: Trio Mamiso (Madagascar) and Johann Sebastian Bach (Alemanya)
Production: Théâtre Mu
exclamacionRemember that:
  • 2 year olds and under do not pay (once 2 they need a full ticket).
  • You should pass through the box office 15 to 30 minutes before the beginning of the show.
  • In case tickets on-line are sold out please call 639 305 353.
  • Seats are not numbered; seating is arranged so that you’ll have a perfect view of the stage.
  • It is not necessary to print your tickets. We will have the name of the reservation at the ticket office.