La Puntual


So blind is Rinaldo with the glamour of fame that he´s even ended up finding fault with his own shadow. And as is only to be expected his shadow, thoroughly fed up with the situation, has set a trap into which Rinaldo has fallen head first. So without knowing how or why, he´s now lost in the land of shadows, governed by no law other than the whims of CARAMANTE. To escape from this place Rinaldo has no choice but to get down from his high horse and seek help from Basul Karak, a cheeky sorcerer’s apprentice and Balbina, a gorgeoud mermaid whose songs had lured many a sailor to his doom, until one day she got tonsolitis and her voice broke down, now earning her living as a singer in a cabaret in the ocean depths.
So, together with Balbina and Basul Karak, Rinaldo will have to venture into the remotest confines of the land of shadows in search of CARAMANTE.
What will be Rinaldo’s fate? Will he pass the test and escape from the land of shadows? A mystery that has yet to be solved.

The audience will be given 3-D glasses on entering the theatre,  with which they will be able to see the last part of "Caramante" in three dimensions 

Show information

Duration: 45 min.


Artistic credits

(Cat) Direcció: Magda Puyo
Text: Miguel Vigo
Banda Sonora: José Antonio Gutiérrez
Tramoia: Jaume Grau
Ombristes: Eugenio i Néstor Navarro