Pinotxo en bicicleta

The Riding Hood Affair

There is an old legend that tells the story of a beast that lived in a forest who sought out disobedient children. La last victim disappeared during a night with full moon. The only thing found were her red shoes. Since then the town has forbidden the red colour and people live under strict rules.
Until one day... Havoc breaks loose. Who has dared disobey? Only the best detective can solve this mystery, and solve the Riding Hood Affair.

Show information

Duration: 50 minuts


Artistic credits

Puppeteers: Inés Alarcón and Miquel Nevado
Original idea: Pinotxo en Bicicleta
Directed by: Valentina Raposo
Design of puppets: Anita Maravillas
Music: David Alarcón and Miquel Nevado
Graphic Design: David Silva