Micro Troupe

Circ Llull

From September 29 to October 01

The Lion is chosen leader of all the animals at the Llull Circus. As king, he has appointed all his collaborators and has left the she fox Renard out of the team. She doesn't accept this state of things and prepares a series of ruses to dethrone the Lion.

All is good to gain power. Renard will try to use all the other circus animals to eliminate the Lion, but those beasts, which were being manipulated, are the ones that will hamper Renards plans, but not precisely due to loyalty towards their Lion king. Treason, vengeance, falsehoods, loyalties… In addition, pursuits, hidden chambers and slapstick take place in this Llull Circus.

Show information

Language: (Cat) CatalĂ 
Duration: 50 minuts
Recommended Age: +3 years old
Technique: Glove Puppets


Artistic credits

Puppets: Elena Mesa and Joan Gispert
Script: Adaptation of Joan Gispert from The Book of Beasts of Ramon Llull
Construction of puppets: Elena Mesa
Scenography and props: Elena Mesa
Music and sound effects: Joan Gispert
Direction: Elena Mesa