Alauda Teatro (Burgos)

Cristóbal Purchinela

From 02 to 04 February

Cristobal Purchinela (one of the many names of the Spanish Mr. Punch), wins the support of the audience who immediately identifies itself with his positive personality, his determination to do justice, and always ready to rebel against abusive power, wherever it might come from.

Show information

Language: Spanish, very little text.
Duration: 50 minuts
Recommended Age: +4 years old
Technique: Glove puppets


Artistic credits

Puppeteer: Rafael Benito
Viola player: Isabel Sobrino
Puppet carving: Rafael Benito
Music: Isabel Sobrino plus classical and traditional musics
Puppet booth: T.A.T.
Puppet booth paintings: R. Magano
Puppet costumes: Isabel Sobrino and Efi
Author: Rafael Benito and traditional routines from slap stick puppet shows
Production: Alondra Producciones s.l.
Distributión: Alauda Teatro