Inés Pasic

Out of the blue

From June 28 to July 01

"Out of the blue" come flashes of longings and convictions that have been shaped throughout the artistic life of Ines Pasic. The beings that have settled in her psyche seek search for the exit, a moment of protagonism, desire to affirm their existence. These strange creatures, made of her own flesh, are her animated biography whispered with humor and poetry. The characters are fragile and pathetic, as human as the flesh and bones of which they are made, as the puppeteer who manipulates them. Transformations and extreme relativity of forms tear the veils of the separation, causing conflicts to become the complement and pretext of scenic play.

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Language: No text
Duration: 50 minutes
Recommended Age: + 6 years old
Technique: Corporal Puppets


Thursday at 19h
Friday at 19h
Saturday at 19h
Sunday at 19h

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(Cat) Manipulació: Inés Pasic