Company Red Cloud Teatro (Portugal)

Dom Roberto with Sara Henriques

From February 19 to October 10

Traditional and popular Portuguese puppet theatre, Teatre Dom Roberto is a cultural legacy passed on from generation to generation. The talented manipulation of Sara Henriques with puppets made by Rui Rodrigues bring to life the two most acclaimed stories in Dom Roberto's repertoire, "O Barbeiro" (The Barber) and "A Tourada" (The Bullfight). For 40 minutes we travel through time, where the subtleties of manipulation together with the shrill sound of the swazzle, give way to the naïve tomfoolery inherent in these glove puppets with wooden heads.

16th edition of the Puppet Festival La Puntual

Show information

Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended Age: For all audiences from 3 years
Technique: Glove puppets


Friday at 6pm.
Saturday at 12pm and 6pm.
Sunday at 12pm and 5pm.

Artistic credits

Puppeteer: Sara Henriques
Puppet construction: Rui Rodriguez
Production: Company Red Cloud Teatro (Portugal)

This show is part of the programming of the 16th edition of the Puppet Festival La Puntual