Ayelen Cantini

Ephemeral marvels

Miss Precipitaciones (Ayelén Cantini), is a very special clown, her warmth and experience on stage allow both children and grown ups enjoy this charismatic and minimalist being.
Her work fussions the stage techniques that she has evoved during her artistic career... Manipulation of objects, contemporary dance, clown and soap bubbles.
In her swamp is where these ephimeral beings live, being the centre of the show, with cloth seaweed and moss and other materials reminiscent of rag dolls....
The swamp creatures are giant, tiny and multiform soap bubbles.

Show information

Duration: 50 min.


Artistic credits

Idea, story and choreography: Ayelén Cantini.
Clown and bubbles: Ayelén Cantini.
Costume: Louise Clay “Flaying Omelette” and Ayelén Cantini
Scenery: Mario Marulo, Lusio Carlos Asiss. Paula Cabrerizo, Ayelèn Cantini
Sound track: Ramòn Poncio
Illustracions: Ruth Valencia
Production: Ayelén Cantini and LaBonitas
Assistant: Betty Cau