La Puntual

The Trojan horse and little Helen

Helen doesn´t want to go home for tea, or put on her pyjamas and even less go to bed. What she wants is to carry on playing with her wooden horse. Her grandfather promises that if she goes to sleep he will tell her the story of the most incredible wooden horse that ever existed, a horse built to put an end to a war that had lasted for ten years, the Trojan Horse.

Show information

Duration: 50 min.


Artistic credits

Puppeteer: Eugenio Navarro
Text y direction: Raquel Loscos
Sound Track: Marc Mas Talens.
Design of shadow puppets: Jordina Salvany.
Lights: Ramón Llabrés.
Helen´s costume: Águeda Miguel.
Asistant director: Néstor Navarro
Production: La Puntual