Títeres Cachirulo (Galicia)

El libro de la selva

From 01 to 05 November

In the depth of the jungle, Sherakan, the evil tiger, attacks a village. Mowgli, a boy slippery as a frog, escapes from the tiger's claws and hides in the wolves den, from now on his new family and with whom he'll live many adventures, until one day he comes face to face with Sherakan.

Show information

Language: Castellano
Duration: 55 minuts
Recommended Age: +3 years old
Technique: Table puppets


Artistic credits

Puppeteers: Jorge Rey, Carmen Domech
Puppets and stage: Carmen Domech
Collaborations: Florencia Ballato, Cristina Fernández
Music: Alfredo Padilla
Directed by: Jorge Rey