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From 02 to 05 January
Gwendolyn, the gnome, and Matilda, the bird, are two friends. They decide to build a house to live in. But sharing a house is not easy. Matilda is irritated by her noisy neighbour and Gwendolyn doesn´t accept the bird´s playful nature. One day, Gwendolyn receives a birthday party invitation from her sister Gwynneth, so she sets off to the party. On the way back though, she encounters a sly hungry fox. Buy your tickets here. Trailer

Show information

Language: Catalan
Duration: 50 minuts
Recommended Age: +2 years old
Technique: Table puppets


Thursday, friday, saturday at 12pm and 5pm
Sunday at 12pm

Artistic credits

Screenplay: Stephen Langstaff Emilia and Eduard Blanch Barbany Direction, set design and puppet construction: Eduard Blanch Barbany Handling and puppet construction: Emilia Stephen Langstaff Music: adaptation of traditional Irish themes by Lisa Bause Dramaturgy: Rene Baker Costumes: Patricia Viossà