Ensemble Materialtheater Stuttgart

George in the Garage

George the duck has a secret under his jacket, due to a hunting accident- not as the hunter but as the hunted- he can´t move his right wing. Luckily he´s heard of a strange workshop where they repair all sorts of things called Ezza.

This is a subtle story of the meeting of these two opposites, George and Ezza, for whom everything is easy but realizes that to help George a simple abracadabra is not enough and discovers that listening can also help to change things for the better.

Show information

Duration: 55 min.


Artistic credits

Performed by: Sigrun Nora Kilger
Directed by: Alberto García Sánchez
Puppets: Ute Kilger
Adapted to Spanish by: Alberto García
Photos: Luigi Consalvo y Bekir Aysan