Co. La Puntual

Pinocchio's shadow

From November 22 to December 08
At the end of the classic tale Pinocchio becomes a real boy, and like all children he grows up, now he is 30 years old puppeteer. From his marionette workshop he tells his story through shadow puppets and marionettes. A funny and poetic version of Carlo Collodi’s classic. Coproduction: Barcelona Grec Festival 2014 and La Puntual.Buy your tickets here.Tràiler

Show information

Language: Català
Duration: 45 minuts
Recommended Age: +3 anys
Technique: Ombres xineses


Thursday at 6pm.
Friday at 12pm and 6pm.
Saturday at 12pm and 6pm.
Sunday at 12pm and 5pm.

Artistic credits

Original idea and puppeteer: Néstor Navarro
Direction: Carolina Llacher
Drama: Raquel Loscos
Original music: Octavi Rumbau
Construction of the marionnette: Martí Doy and Néstor Navarro
Lights: Quico Gutièrrez
Technical assistance and inventions: Joan Gorro
Shadows and scenery: Jordina Salvany
Producer and +: Eugenio Navarro
A co-production of: Festival Mini-Grec 2014 and La Puntual.
exclamacionRemember that:
  • 24 month old and under do not pay (once two they need a ticket).
  • You should present yourselfes at the box office 15 to 30 minutes before the beginning of the show.
  • In case tickets on-line are sold out please call 639 305 353.
  • Seats are not numbered; seating is arranged in a way that you will have perfect view of the stage.
  • It is not necessary to bring your tickets printed. We will have the name of the reservation at the ticket office.