Xarop Teatre

La Costurereta Valenta

From 09 to 11 September

Aimed at family audiences, with a versatile and dynamic text, "La costurereta valiente" is an updated version of the Brothers Grimm's tale "The Brave Little Tailor" (1812), which, with the refreshing look of the protagonist, teaches us to bring out our best version to overcome the difficulties of the current world in which we live. A very original puppet show ideal for the whole family.

The company Xarop Teatro was founded in 1992. Since then it has presented theatre and puppet shows for family audiences, indoor theatre and street theatre. It has made an important tour around the national and international scene participating in Festivals, Fairs and regular programming. His shows have evolved through different ways of doing theatre, exploring and playing with the art of theatre to propose versatile, dynamic and content shows.

Show information

Language: Catalan
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended Age: +3 years old
Technique: Table puppets


Friday 9 September at 18h.
Saturday 10 September at 12h. and 18h.
Sunday 11 September at 12h. and 17h.

Artistic credits

Playwright: Carles Benlliure Bou
Direction: Carles Benlliure Bou
Performers: Carles Benlliure and Rebeca Castro
Design and illustration: Eugenia Susel
Puppets, props: Lapinzón, Picazo Producciones
Costume design: Lapinzón
Lighting and effects: Escenasons
Original music: Ricardo Belda i Arantxa Dominguez
Technician: Rubén Milian
Production: Cebe Montajes Teatrales
Photography and video: David Alba
Communication and press: Manolo Bosch
Special collaboration: Eugenio Navarro