Pea Green Boat

Fly away!

From 11 to 20 October

A fruit and vegetable stand in a market. A greengrocer sets up her stand and spots an egg in a cabbage. A caterpillar hatches out and as it discovers the world around it and observes the flight of a bumble bee and a plane, it wishes it could fly too. Try as it might, it doesn´t succeed… or will it?

Fly Away is a puppetry show ideal for chidren ages 1 to 8. The puppets and the elements in the show are made from socks and wool, using amigurumi, a Japanese crochet technique. The puppeteer is in sight of the audience so she can interact with the puppets and the children! The show includes a workpack and a CD of songs for teachers to prepare in class beforehand so children may sing-along during the show.

Our aim is to capture the children´s imaginations with the puppetry so English language learning becomes a motivating, fun and educational experience.

Show information

Duration: 45 minuts
Recommended Age: +2 years old


Friday at 6pm.
Saturday at 12pm and at 6pm.
Sunday at 12pm and at 5pm.

Artistic credits

Script, puppeteer and puppet construction: Emilia Lang
Drama advisor: Edu Blanch.
Songs: Sue Correa and Julie Langstaff (English is fun when it´s sung!) Amigurumi: Begoña Rodriguez