La Puntual

What hurts most in this world

WHAT HURTS MOST IN THIS WORLD A popular fable from Ivory Coast where the cow Marianne, tired of being made fun of by her friend Lola, decides to demonstrate to her that lies are what hurt most in this world. THE BAKER AND THE DEVIL A story by Javier Villafañe which has become a classic piece of the puppet theatre scene. THE YOUNG PROPERTY OWNER Adaptation for young audiences of Roberto Espina´s famous play for puppets.

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Duration: 55 min.


Artistic credits

Autores: Raúl Griot i Gahdiel Andrade (basada en una fábula de Costa de Marfil).
Titiriteros: Alfonso Lázaro i Raúl Griot.
Construcción de títeres y escenografía: Raúl Griot, Gahdiel Andrade y Alfonso Lázaro.
Técnica empleada: títeres de guante.