El Chonchón

The Comedians of the 1900s

From 18 to 20 May

'The Comedians of the 1900s” is a tribute from El Chonchón to the great comedians of the silent movies. Performed with glove puppets, Charles Chaplin and the Boy or Harold Lloyd, are but a few that come to life in different pantomimes that make up the show. The famous silent movie musical scores accompany the scenes and the characters use black and white make-up typical of the period.

Humour and subtlety are the essence of this performance, which hopes to gather the whole family around a puppet booth, to enjoy and laugh at the pranks of these famous characters.


Show information

Language: Spanish
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended Age: + 3 anys
Technique: Glove puppets


friday: 18h.
saturday: 12h i 18h.
sunday: 17h.

Artistic credits

Directed by: Héctor Di Mauro / El Chonchón
Puppeteer: Miguel Oyarzún and Carlos Piñero