Girovago and Rondella (Italy)


"Manoviva" is a five-finger puppet that comes to life. It is made of five parts: a head, two hands and two feet that fit a hand's five fingers, turning it into an incredible puppet with an infinite range expressions.
It is the cherry on the top of the thirty years of Girovago and Rondella's experience cake.
Girovago and Rondella´s performance can be defined as popular poetry, easy to understand, with a very subtle poetic line that comes out in every moment and every movement, a hand mime act.
The first part of the show is the circus, with amazing tricks that will capture the audience´s attention. The second part of the show, instead of words we use symbols that affect another area of understanding usually neglected, which is as surrealistic as Chagall's painting.
At the end of the show lights are turned on: end of the magic. The two puppets mingle with the audience, shaking hands and greeting them. This is direct contact, the waking from the dream; finally the audience can "wear" the puppet, and bring it to life by just moving the fingers.
Manoviva is hand-made with natural latex by Girovago and Rondella and has performed in eighteen different countries in the world proving that it has no frontiers.

Show information

Duration: 45 min.


Artistic credits

Puppeteers: Marco Grignani e Federica Lacomba