Théâtre à Bout Portant

Strict Minimum

From 04 to 06 October

Strict Minimum is a creation combining theatre and puppets. A solo show establishing a dialogue between the puppet, the body becoming moving scenography, and the manipulator. A simultaneous twofold story is woven, telling the turning points of existence, of a being half-animal, half-human, in simultaneity with the scenographic and narrative deployment of the manipulator, depending on the situation. The critical steps, important transitions in our progression and trials to overcome of the protagonist take the manipulator by storm. Imagination, ingenuity and sensitivity coming together at a balance point binding theatre, manipulation and body.

Show information

Language: Castellano
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended Age: +6 years
Technique: (Cat) Titelles


Artistic credits

Creator: Vicky Côté
Technicien: Carles Villanueva Plaza