La Mar de Marionetas

Nana Luna

From 28 to 30 September
(Cat) Teatre musical de marionetes

A journey about a dream of a boy who is on the moon. With marionettes and objects, we will witness a lively, funny and imaginative puppet show that explores the curiosity of children during the first years of their lives.


With live music composed and performed by the African musician Simao Félix and with Toni Dalmau on drums.

Show information

Language: Spanish
Duration: 50 minutes
Recommended Age: + 2 years old.
Technique: Puppets, objects and live music


Friday at 18h.
Saturday at 12h and 18h.
Sunday at 12h and 17h.

Artistic credits

(Cat) Dramatúrgia: Marta Bautista i Zilda Mª Torres
Assessorament: Diego Stirman
Composició: Simao Fèlix d'Acunha i Toni Dalmau
Direcció de producció; Mª Goretti Brito
Il·lustració: Raquel Gómez
Disseny de marionetes: Zilda Mª Torres
Escenografia i atrezzo: La Mar de Marionetas
Vestuari: Elsa Clavel
Il·luminació: Gonzalo Cardone
Marionetista: Marta Bautista
Músics: Simao Felix Da Cunha
Tècnic d'il·luminació: Gonzalo Cardone
Tècnic de so: Toni Dalmau
Assessorament pedagògic: Raquel Gómez i Pilar Solana