Chico Simões

O romance do vaqueiro Benedito

From 05 to 07 May
Teatre de titelles popular brasiler.

One of the great masters of Brazilian popular puppet theatre will make us laugh, sing and dance to the rhythm of the mamulengos, the traditional Brazilian puppets. They will tell us the story of an impossible love between Benedito and Margarida. A hilarious comedy in which the protagonists will meet a lot of surprising characters.

Mamulengo, performed by puppeteer-actors, consists of dramatic performances that bring together the most lively artistic expressions of Brazil on a small stage: dance, acrobatics, music, pantomime and singing. In these shows, each puppet has its own personality, being either human or animal, and enters into an amusing plot with continuous improvisations according to the reactions of the audience, which plays a fundamental role in the development of a spontaneous and agile show that captivates, amuses and educates with its stories that promote reflection.

Mamulengo is very much alive and continues to be the richest form of popular puppet theatre in Brazil.

Show information

Language: Portuguès i Castellà
Duration: 50 minuts
Recommended Age: Per a a tots els públics a partir de 3 anys
Technique: Titelles de guant


Dv. 5 de maig a les 18h
Ds. 6 de maig les 12h i 18h
Dg. 7 de maig a les 12h i 17h.

Artistic credits

Direcció: Chico Simões
Manipulació: Chico Simões
Producció: Clara Nugoli