Stuffed Puppet Theatre

Punch & Judy in Afghanistan

“Punch & Judy in Afghanistan” tells the story of Nigel, a puppeteer, who has come to Afghanistan to entertain the allied troops.
His assistant, Emile, has gone missing.
Nigel's search for his assistant brings him to Punch Bin Laden. Nigel finds out what has happened to Emile. Nigel escapes alive and can tell the Americans where to find Bin Laden.
Neville Tranter, with his Stuffed Puppet Theatre, goes back to the roots of traditional puppetry, using a booth. He wants to preserve the fun and directness of traditional puppet theatre, while exploring a more profound theme: what happens when naivité and cynicism meet?

Show in english.

Show information

Duration: 55-60 minuts
Recommended Age: 8+


Artistic credits

Concepto, títeres e interpretación: Neville Tranter.