Eugenio Navarro

Rinaldo in Trinoceria

Rinaldo is an old stage hand who lives in a semi abandoned theatre. One day he finds he has an audience and decides to become the star of the show for the first time. While preparing the set he discovers forgotten puppets and decides to put on a play about knights and princesses, but ignores that the devil is set to ruin the performance! “Welcome to my theatre where I keep a whole world...... the ancient and noble land of Trinoceria. You may have heard of it, you might even have been there without knowing – it is the realm where puppets live and everyone is part of a story. I may be a grumpy old stage hand – but I can take you there to meet the mischievous matador, wicked knights and, of course, the princesses in peril! Follow me...”

Show information

Duration: 50 min.


Artistic credits

Directed by: Magda Puyo.
Text: Miguel Vigo
Costumes: Agueda Miguel
Puppet booth: Tero Guzmán
Soundtrack: Joey Nit
Puppeteer: Eugenio Navarro