L'Estenedor Teatre

Travel the World

From January 31 to February 02

Lau is a tireless traveller who, after wondering through most countries of the world, needs to find new lands to discover. With the help of his old mother and his great grandfather’s travel journal, he finds fantastic new countries. In this way he will travel to the country of the weightless people, to the land of the cry-babies, will discover the country of balls, will flee the land of the painted ones and will finish fed up with so many adventures with Mr. Cantellut in the country of the triangles. From all of these countries he is scalded and has to go home, but with a gift for his mother from each place he has known. In the end, and with a surprise of natural size, we will discover the positive aspect of each visited world.

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Show information

Language: Catalan
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended Age: + 3 years
Technique: Puppet theatre


(Cat) Divendres a les 18h.
Dissabte a les 12h i 18h.
Diumenge a les 12h i 17h.

Artistic credits

Original idea and play: David Laín
Construction: David Laín
Original music: Ferran Albiol
Technicien: Ignasi Miranda
Production: L’ESTENEDOR Teatre