Teatro de Papel

From October 28 to October 30

17th International Festival of Putxinel-lis - La Puntual.

It is a moment suspended in time where the world stops and poetry dances. A birthday party without celebration. A person in his solitude... that thanks to the theatre of objects, the circus, the clown and some wonderful paper cut-outs, ends up being a beautiful madness where we are all invited to vindicate the power of the imagination.

Show information

Language: Wordless
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended Age: For audiences aged 4 and upwards


Friday 28 October at 18h.
Saturday 29th October at 12h. and 18h.
Sunday 30 October at 12h. and 17h.

Artistic credits

Original idea: RAUXA CIA
Written and directed by: Xavi Sánchez and Analia Serenelli
Performed by: Xavi Sánchez
External gaze: Analia Serenelli
Set design: RAUXA CIA
Music: Jesús Acebedo

A RAUXA CIA production with the collaboration of Escena Poblenou, La Sala Miguel Hernandez, Sabadell, Teatro DESNUDO, Centro Cívic Can Felipa, Ateneu9Barris/ROMBIC, Fez + Chapeau, Teatro InFolio, Italy.