(Cat) Alauda Teatro

The Puppet Circus

From 25 to 27 October

The world of the circus. All the emotion of its artists; trapeze artists, jugglers, the balance on the tightrope, the fakir tragafuegos and trained animals, in an exciting and fun show of string puppets, also accompanied by the clown Frango and presented by the great track director Mario Net.

Show information

Language: (Cat) Castellà
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended Age: (Cat) +3 anys
Technique: Puppet theatre


(Cat) Divendres a les 18h.
Dissabte a les 12h i 18h.
Diumenge a les 12h i 17h.

Artistic credits

Authorship: Rafael Benito
Direction: Rafael Benito, Isabel Sobrino
Performers: Rafael Benito
Scenography: Alauda theater
Design costume: Pepa González
Music: Various Authors
Lighting: Luis Melendo
Sound: Luis Melendo