A la Sombrita

A piece of moon

Shadow Theatre adaptation of the story of Michael Grejniec.

Who has never dreamed to have a bite of the moon? This was precisely the desire of the animals in this story. Just they wanted to try a bit but, though stretched, were not able to touch it. This is a story of desires that seem unachievable -a view-like the moon, but they get to come true thanks to the collaboration. Mutual aid are the most varied animal participants. Halfway between fable and legend, this story offers a moral poetry that speaks of generosity, solidarity and shared dreams. The work stands out for its magic and closeness, getting convey the charm of craft and ephemeral shadow theater with small nods to new technologies, but without forgetting its roots.

Show information

Language: (Cat) Castellà
Duration: 50 min.
Recommended Age: (Cat) Per a tots els públics a partir de 2 anys
Technique: (Cat) Ombres de mans, titelles i llanterna màgica.


(Cat) Divendres 28 de gener a les 18h.
Dissabte 29 de gener a les 12h. i a les 18h.
Diumenge 30 de gener a les 12h. i a les 17h.

Artistic credits

Design and creation: José-Diego Ramirez
Drawings: Juan Pedro Riego
Dramatic correction: Alberto Alfaro
Executive production: Luz Riego