La Guilla

A Cart full of Stories for Christmas

From 23 to 24 December

Two strange and curious people have arrived in town, they look like travellers, no one has seen them before. They are Filigrana Gràcia and Joseph Tour. They travel with their stunning, mysterious and inseparable cart full of stories picked up in their journeys. If your eyes are wide open and you listen carefully they will gladly tell you what their profession is, they are Troubadours. With their cart full of surprises, they win over the young and old. Silence, the cart is opening and ... the show is about to begin!

Show information

Language: Catalan
Duration: 50 minutes
Recommended Age: +3 years old
Technique: table puppets and actors


Artistic credits

Design and construction of masks: Meritxell Morera
Costumes: Butai Produccions
Design and construction of scenography: Butai Produccions
Design and construction of puppets: Meritxell Morera
Actor-puppeteer: Pere Farran
Actress-puppeteer: Meritxell Morera
Photos: Jordi Segalés
Videos: Pere Costa
Directed by: Pere Farran