Co. De Paper

An apple, an apple tree

01 May
Puppet theatre

Aran has dug his teeth into an Apple and inside he has found a treasure; a tiny and lively seed who, with the help of the soil and the rain, managed to produce two tender leaves. The leaves, full of life, after a long and adventurous journey, will turn into a beautiful apple tree with delicious apples. So delicious that neither his dog, Fluffy, nor the snail, nor the rabbit, nor Aran himself could resist biting into them. “An apple, an apple tree” is a show made with papers, cardboards, drawings, notebooks and popular songs. It introduces us to the cycle of life and the incredible world of plants, so full of sensitivity and vegetable intelligence. Painted and presented with care and with no hurry, to enable our young ones enjoy the wonders of simple things.

Show information

Language: Catalan
Duration: 40 minutes
Recommended Age: +1 year
Technique: Puppets


Friday at 6pm.
Saturday at 12pm and 6 pm.
Sunday at 12pm and 17pm.

Artistic credits

Puppets and music: Joan Alfred Mengual and Núria Lozano
Direction: Eudald Ferré and De_paper
Set design: Joan Alfred Mengual
Songs: Populars and Núria Lozano