Javier Aranda (Zaragoza)


From 05 to 08 July

Objects made with hands have their own personality, hands as part of a being, as leading players, as special beings that create movement, emotion and life. A drifting basket, a journey… New life begins from any corner, from any basket; valuable, singular and unique lives.


Show information

Language: Without text
Duration: 55 minuts
Recommended Age: +6 years old
Technique: Hands


Thursday at 7pm
Friday at 7pm
Saturday at 7pm
Sunday at 6pm

Artistic credits

Created and manipulated by: Javier Aranda
Management consultancy: Alfonso Pablo and Pedro Rebollo
Couture: Pilar Gracia
Graphic design: Val Ortego
Rehearsal premises and Workshop: Teatro Arbolé
Acknowledgements: Lucía Bernal, Estelle Hi, Rafa, Clara, Rosa, Merce, Teatro Bicho, Le Bateau des Fous and Cabanyal Intim.