Workshops and Seminars

We like to offer specialized workshops by well-known puppet masters covering the essentials of the vast field of the art of puppetry. These workshops are for adults who wish to use puppetry in their professional fields such as puppeteers, teachers, specialized educators, actors etc.

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Néstor Navarro
Tel: 649 910 622

Previous courses and workshops

(Cat) 23 de setembre de 2018



Per La Mercè, sortim al carrer! Aquest diumenge podreu construir una silueta amb l’ajuda de la il·lustradora Eugenia Susel, que us donarà totes les eines per fer-vos la vostra pròpia creació utilitzant diferents recursos i elements. Us ensenyaràcom es fan algunes de les siluetes que després pots veure a l’escenari de La Puntual. I, a les 12h, tothom a veure en Pipa i els seus amics!

From 21st to 23rd May 2018

EL CHONCHÓN "First the gesture, then the verb"

Puppetry Masterclass in Barcelona. 21 to 23rd of May 2018.

By; El Chonchón from Chile and Argentina.

‘First the gesture, then the verb’

Carlos Piñero and Miguel Oyarzún are master puppeteers who form the renowned Chilean-Argentine company El Chonchón.

El Chonchón will offer this course dedicated almost entirely to the world of glove puppets. Although the art of puppetry will be treated in all its dimensions, the course will focus on manipulation and interpretation. Participants will get first-hand experience in movement, rhythm, action-reaction, intentions and emotions from animating or giving life to glove puppets.

The content of the course:
1- Integration with other artistic disciplines.
2- The study of movement.
3- The theatrical role of the puppet.
4- Exercises and manipulation tests.

Dates: Monday 21, Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23rd of May 2018.
Hours: From 4 to 9pm.
Price: € 250. Members of UNIMA: € 220 (includes invitation to see the show).
Address: La Puntual. C / Allada Vermell, 15. 08003 Barcelona.
Pupils: maximum 15.
Language: Spanish.

For more information and reservations: Néstor Navarro Salvany. Tel: 00. 34 – 649 910 622

From 15th to 17th January 2018


Course of initiation to manipulation. We will use glove puppets to create comic, poetical, sensitive and fantasy scenes. The basis is the accumulated teachings that Nestor Navarro has received from master puppeteers as a pupil and is aimed at staging and manipulating puppets.

From 29th June to 1st July 2018

INES PASIC "Body figures"

Puppetry Masterclass by INÉS PASIC in Barcelona.

29, 30 June and 1st of July 2018.


Photo: image of the show by Inés Pasic “Out of the Blue”.

This course is built around Inés Pasic´s creative experience of over thirty years of work in the field of figure theatre. Its foundations are in the techniques of mime and manipulation. The alchemy with which these two languages have mixed has generated a style that has made the work of “Hugo and Ines” and “Gaia Theatre” unique, with worldwide followers among the actors, mimes, puppeteers and dancers.

The theatrical games lead the students to experiment and experience notions of rhythm and scenic space. The relationship between the parts of the body turned into characters and the puppeteer promote ludic impulses that lead to individual or collective creation.

Dates: Friday 29, Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July 2018.
Hours: From 10am to 2pm.
Price: € 250. UNIMA members: € 220 (includes invitation to see the show).
Address: La Puntual. C / Allada Vermell, 15. 08003 Barcelona.
Students: 15 maximum. Language: Spanish
Video course:

For more information and reservations: Néstor Navarro Salvany. Tel: 00. 34. 649 910 622

From 29th June to 2nd July

S. MOTTRAM “The Logic of Movement"

La Puntual’s programme of presenting international master puppeteers 1 has invited for this 2017 season the renowned marionette performer Stephen Mottram, who will play his latest production, “The Parachute” on our stage, and hold an intensive workshop/masterclass entitled “The Logic of Movement” from the 29th June till 2nd of July. A workshop about why things move in the way they do and how knowing about this helps the puppeteer to express ideas more successfully to an audienceS. Mottram. Those participating will become familiar with the theories that Mottram has been developing concerning movement of humans and animals. They will learn the basics of marionette manipulation, with the “control” that carries his name. All with practical exercises, group improvisations and short performances.

*In the last years, La Puntual has held master classes and workshops with such relevant puppeteers as Neville Tranter, Richard Bradshaw, Thomas Lundqvist, Los Chon-Chon, Roberto White and Luca Ronga.

From 20th to 22nd May 2015

LUCA RONGA "The grammar of the hand"


Taller de manipulació i dramatúrgia a partir de la tradició del titella de guant napolità. L’italià Luca Ronga el proper mes de maig visita la ciutat de Barcelona i representarà el seu espectacle “Le Guaratelle di Pulcinella”, fet pel qual aprofitarem que Luca Ronga ens ofereixi un “curs-taller” els dies 20, 21 i 22 de maig (total 12 hores). Els participants a través de les indicacions de Luca aprendran sobre les possibilitats de manipulació, dramatúrgia del titella de guant i la construcció de la llengüeta. Els participants utilitzaran els titelles de Luca Ronga per als exercicis de manipulació.

From 9th to 11th june 2015

ROBERTO WHITE "Body puppies"


Taller de construcció de petites escenes de “titelles” amb el propi cos i objectes. Roberto White, el titellaire argentí resident al País Basc, repetirà l’exitós curs impartit per ell mateix al 2011 el proper mes de juny a Barcelona. A més, presentarà una versió actualitzada del seu espectacle “Criatures Particulars”. Les tardes del 9 al 11 de juny Roberto donarà el curs-taller a La Puntual. Els participants hauran de portar roba còmoda, negra, sense inscripcions ni marques. En relació als materials podran portar qualsevol objecte que ja estiguin treballant o que creguin que potser pugui ser apte per a aquesta tècnica (mitjons, nassos, trossos d’altres ninots, bosses plàstiques, teles, estris, etc.) L’objectiu del taller, degut a la seva curta durada, és donar nocions bàsiques de la tècnica per a la construcció de escenes pròpies.

28th and 29th July 2014

NEVILLE TRANTER "Dar vida a un títere"

Participants will be “coached” into giving life to a Puppet, manipulate it and create and perform a short scene, with or without text, with or without elementary musical instruments. “The simplicity of puppets, combined with their suggestive human masks and suggestive movements, can entice the audience into a fantasy world which give glimpses of the human soul.”