La Puntual* offers special sessions for schools. These shows are for pupils between 2 and 10 years old and include a brief introduction to the history of and the making of puppets.

Our theatre is small and intimate, in the city centre, surrounded by a pedestrian area with easy access for coaches and emblematic city sights. Your pupils will see stories performed by fascinating and imaginative puppets, marionettes or shadows. The capacity of the theatre is 60 children plus teachers.

Puppet theatre has fascinated children for centuries. Well performed puppets shows can help children experience a wide variety of emotions, stimulate their imagination and creativity.
The shows available for schools are produced and performed by La Puntual or by other quality puppet companies.
The privileged location of “La Puntual” allows a variety of combinations when booking a show since it is near the Cathedral, Ciutadella Park, the Born Cultural Centre, the Picasso Museum, the Zoo, the Chocolate Museum and much more.

If you decide to come to see one of our shows with your pupils we are confident that you will be very satisfied!

Shows in English, Catalan or Spanish.
Price- 7.00€ + IVA (10%) per pupil. Teachers free. Minimum 40 children.

*La Puntual: the name of the shop from Santiago Rusiñol’s classic play “L’Auca del Senyor Esteve”.

Days 18th and 25th october, 2019

Fly away!

A fruit and vegetable stand in a market. A greengrocer sets up her stand and spots an egg in a cabbage. A caterpillar hatches out and as it discovers the world around it and observes the flight of a bumble bee and a plane, it wishes it could fly too. Try as it might, it doesn´t succeed… or will it?Fly Away is a puppetry show ideal for chidren ages 1 to 8. The puppets and the elements in the show are made from socks and wool, using amigurumi, a Japanese crochet technique. The puppeteer is in sight of the audience so she can interact with the puppets and the children! The show includes a workpack and a CD of songs for teachers to prepare in class beforehand so children may sing-along during the show.Our aim is to capture the children´s imaginations with the puppetry so English language learning becomes a motivating, fun and educational experience.
From 4th to 14th novembre, 2019; and from 5th to 15th march, 2020


Patufet is a very, very small boy. So small that he sleeps in a tin of sardines and hides under a cabbage leaf. So small that his parents are afraid that if he goes out into the street, people will not see him and ... chaf! But he is also very clever, brave and stubborn! This morning, when he got up, Patufet was absolutely sure; today will be a day full of adventures!
From 20th november to 5th december, 2019

Pinocchio's shadow

At the end of the classic tale Pinocchio becomes a real boy, and like all children he grows up, now he is 30 years old puppeteer. From his marionette workshop he tells his story through shadow puppets and marionettes. A funny and poetic version of Carlo Collodi’s classic. Coproduction: Barcelona Grec Festival 2014 and La Puntual.Buy your tickets here.Tràiler
From 4th to 30th december, 2019

Greta the Mouse... that swept the staircase.

Greta ia a mouse, and a great artist; she juggles, swings from the trapeze, walks the tightrope and... sweeps the theatre. While passing the broom under the stage one night after the show, she finds a coin! Her friend, Rinaldo, a member of the backstage crew, advises her to buy a pretty bow to put on her tail, but Greta is determined: she will use it to produce a great show! Today is the day of the auditions to determine which animal will be her partner on stage. Will it be the ventriloquist Cock? Or the Pig visual arts performer? Or perhaps the Dog flea circus owner? Or perhaps the Donkey Magician? Or will she fall into the claws of the mentalist Cat?Buy your tickets here.
From 7th to 30th april, 2020

Sant Jordi, la princesa i el drac

The story of how Saint George, patron saint of Catalonia, Greece, England and other countries, saves a kingdom from the spell of a wicked witch by slaying the dragon  just when he is about to eat the young princess.
From 18th to 23th february, 2020


Un espectacle de titelles inspirat en la tradició popular europea que durant segles s'ha representat en carrers, places, parcs i petits teatres, tant per a públic jove com per a adults. Com el propi títol indica, "Rutines" és una successió de números de manipulació d'alguns dels personatges més emblemàtics del repertori dels titelles. El protagonista d’aquestes "Rutines" no és ni més ni menys que en Malic, l'aventurer, que en aquesta ocasió s'enfronta a la rebel·lió de personatges i elements escènics en una desbaratada comèdia per a titelles.Buy your tickets here.

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