La Puntual, a presentation

La Puntual is a puppet theatre, the only one in Barcelona dedicated exclusively to puppetry. Puppets of all kinds that take to the stage every weekend and perform stories and tales for family audiences.

This cosy 50 seat theatre is located in the city centre, a short walking distance from some of the most visited landmarks and museums of Barcelona. The Picasso Museum, the Born Cultural Centre, the Ciudadela Park, the Chocolate Museum are just afew of the nearby visits, all enclosed in a historical neighbourhood, one that enjoyed puppet shows in many of its cafés, squares and streets during the 19th century.

La Puntual owes its name to the play “L’Auca del Senyor Esteve”, written in 1907 by the Catalan modernist painter and writer Santiago Rusiñol, born around the corner from the theatre. The plot of the play  involves a family that has, for three generations,  worked at  the haberdashery shop called La Puntual.

La Puntual, the theater

La Puntual is the smallest theater in Barcelona, with capacity for 50 spectators. It is fully air-conditioned and accessible. The intimate and cozy atmosphere makes watching a show at La Puntual an unforgettable experience.

La Puntual, technical sheet

Capacity: 50 spectators. Stage: 2.70m wide x 3m deep x 4m high. Professional sound and lighting equipment. For more information, please contact Néstor Navarro at +34 649.910.622.

Download technical sheet of the room

La Puntual, the workshop

All productions of the puppet company La Puntual are designed, built and rehearsed in the company’s workshop/studio. Anyone interested can consult our specialized library, photographic archives and a modest collection of puppets gathered during our numerous tours abroad. Occasionally we organize master classes or practical workshops for professional and amateur puppeteers and teachers, as well as collaborate with other companies’ productions. La Puntual’s workshop is located on the other side of the city, just where the Putxet hill begins. Visits are welcome by appointment.