Fecha: 28th and 29th July 2014

"Dar vida a un títere", by Neville Tranter

Participants will be “coached” into giving life to a Puppet, manipulate it and create and perform a short scene, with or without text, with or without elementary musical instruments. “The simplicity of puppets, combined with their suggestive human masks and suggestive movements, can entice the audience into a fantasy world which give glimpses of the human soul.”

Taking advantage of the performances of “Stuffed Puppet Theatre” from Holland in the city of Barcelona with his latest production, “Punch & Judy in Afghanistan” this coming July, there will be an encounter/workshop with Neville Tranter on the 28th and 29th.

Workshop Programme

Información práctica:

    • Days: 28 y 29 de julio 2014
    • Timetable: From 10am to 2pm
    • Duration: 8 hours
    • Price: 150€ (UNIMA members 130€). Includes ticket for one of the shows “Punch & Judy in Afghanistan”.
    • Maximum number of students: 15
    • Participants: Drama students, puppeteers, actors and others with stage experience.
    • Place: La Puntual. C/ Allada Vermell 15. 08003 Barcelona
    • Idioma: English, with on the spot translation where necessary.
    • Inscription: Until 30th April 2014

Neville Tranter: Australian puppeteer who has been living in Amsterdam since 1978. Founder, director and only actor of the Stuffed Puppet Theatre. From the beginning his first productions,“Studies in Fantasy” 1982, “The Seven deadly Sins” 1984, “Manipulator” and “Underdog” 1985, surprised and revolutionized the tranquil European puppetry scene with his hard core shows where he has highlighted the ultimate consequences of the dramatic dialogue between puppets and manipulator, puppets and actor, man and his doble. His productions have a strong impact on the audience, and are truely oustanding due to his interpretative and vocal technique.

Més informació i reserves a:

695.260.446 coordinacio@lapuntual.info