Taking advantage of the performances organized by La Puntual of Stuffed Puppet Theatre’s production “UBU” at the 2022 Rombic Festival this coming April in the city of Barcelona, there will be a workshop with Neville Tranter on the 25 and 26th at La Puntual.

Using a Tranter puppet, participants will be “coached” into bringing a puppet to life, manipulate it, create and perform a short scene, with the possibility of accompanying it with text and elementary musical instruments.

Workshop Programme

“The simplicity of puppets, combined with their suggestive human masks and suggestive movements, can entice the audience into a fantasy world which give glimpses of the human soul.”

The theme of the workshop is to help explore the participants the possibilities of puppets on stage. During the workshop there will be a strong emphasis on the puppeteer as an actor; due to the fact that, as Tranter likes to remind us, “the puppeteer does not disappear behind his puppets. His presence on stage is an integral part of the performance

Participants will dedicate most of the time to giving life to the puppet, developing different possibilities to create short dramatical studies and situations. Those taking part will not only perform with the puppet but also with the other participants in the creation of the scenes. The complicity of all those taking part is important in the success of this workshop.

The workshop begins with the first contact with the puppet, without words.

Special emphasis on:

-How do different manipulations affect the audience.

-How are the roles of puppet and puppeteer interchangeable (who serves who?)

-The differences between “body language” of the puppet and the puppeteer.

Later, participants, individually or in small groups, will practice and rehearse before the group.

Special attention to:

-The different possibilities when telling stories with puppets.

-The use of the stage and its importance.

-Vocal techniques.

-Other dramatic factors such as lighting and sound.


Practical information:

Dates: 25 & 26 April 2022

Times: 10.00h to 14.00h

Duration of workshop: 8 hours.

Price: 180€ (UNIMA members 150€) This includes a ticket for any show during the season at La Puntual.

Directed at puppeteers, actors, drama students, and others with stage experience.

Maximum of 15 participants.

Workshop Space:  La Puntual. C/ Allada Vermell 15. 08003 Barcelona

Language: English, with translation into Spanish.

Inscriptions: Until 30th March 2022


Neville Tranter

Australian puppeteer who has been living in Amsterdam since 1978. Founder, director and only actor of the Stuffed Puppet Theatre. From the beginning his first productions, “Studies in Fantasy” 1982, “The Seven Deadly Sins” 1984, “Manipulator” and “Underdog” 1985, surprised and revolutionized the tranquil European puppetry scene with his hard core shows where he has highlighted the ultimate consequences of the dramatic dialogue between puppets and manipulator, puppets and actor, man and his double. His productions have a strong impact on the audience, and are truly outstanding due to his interpretative and vocal technique.

“A puppet can only come to life when it gives the illusion that it is also listening to the world around him.” N.T.

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