Fecha: From 21st to 23rd May 2018

"First the gesture, then the verb", by El Chonchón

Puppetry Masterclass in Barcelona. 21 to 23rd of May 2018. By; El Chonchón from Chile and Argentina. ‘First the gesture, then the verb’ Carlos Piñero and Miguel Oyarzún are master puppeteers who form the renowned Chilean-Argentine company El Chonchón. El Chonchón will offer this course dedicated almost entirely to the world of glove puppets. Although the art of puppetry will be treated in all its dimensions, the course will focus on manipulation and interpretation. Participants will get first-hand experience in movement, rhythm, action-reaction, intentions and emotions from animating or giving life to glove puppets. The content of the course: 1- Integration with other artistic disciplines. 2- The study of movement. 3- The theatrical role of the puppet. 4- Exercises and manipulation tests. Dates: Monday 21, Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23rd of May 2018. Hours: From 4 to 9pm. Price: € 250. Members of UNIMA: € 220 (includes invitation to see the show). Address: La Puntual. C / Allada Vermell, 15. 08003 Barcelona. Pupils: maximum 15. Language: Spanish. For more information and reservations: Néstor Navarro Salvany. nestor.lapuntual@gmail.com Tel: 00. 34 – 649 910 622 www.lapuntual.info/es/cursos/

Workshop Programme


    • Integration with other artistic disciplines
    • The way in movement
    • The theatrical action in the puppet
    • Exercises and manipulation movements

Practical information:

    • Days: Monday 21, Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 May 2018
    • Times: From 4pm to 9pm
    • Duration: 15 hours
    • Price: 250€ UNIMA members: 220€ (includes invitation to see the show)
    • Maximum number of participants: 15
    • Place: La Puntual. C/ Allada Vermell 15. 08003 Barcelona
    • Language: Spanish

Més informació i reserves a:

695.260.446 coordinacio@lapuntual.info