Theatre vouchers

Through this web page, you can buy tickets to give as presents. Those receiving the present can come and see whichever show they wish during the season.

Once the present is given, all that has to be done is contact us at or call 639 305 353 and let us know which session you wish to attend, and we will reserve your seats for that show. Either the receiver or the giver of the present can do this.

NOTE: the date and time that appears during the buying process is NOT real, but has to be filled in to the end to be able to finalize the buying.

Make a puppet show an unforgettable experience, give tickets as a present!


exclamacionRemember that:

Amb la compra de les seves entrades adquireix els següents drets i obligacions:

  • Serà necessari arribar al teatre amb un mínim de 30 minuts d’antelació per facilitar l’entrada esglaonada.
  • Per la seva tranquil·litat i seguint la normativa vigent, totes les persones que gaudeixin de l’espectacle hauran de portar mascareta.*
  • Els infants menors de 6 anys no estàn obligats a dur mascareta, però en cas de que no els molesti recomanem que també la portin.